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Frequently Asked Questions



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1. Q. Where would a consumer go to get information about direct consumer repairs?

A. Click on this link www.reliancefixit.com to learn about Reliance Communications DCAR – Direct Consumer Authorized Repair services.


2. Q. Where would a wireless agent go to get information about vendor agent repairs?

A. Click on this link www.reliancerepair.com to learn about Reliance Communications Vendor Agent Repair services.


3. Q. Does Reliance Communications plan to adapt or expand its service offering to cover other CE categories?

A. Yes, for example we are currently repairing mobile hot spots, smartphones and Netbooks. Our engineers and staff are constantly being trained in emerging technologies.


5. Q. What is Reliance Communications policy for protecting the environment?

A. At Reliance Communications we are fully aware of the potential impact our company can have on the environment and as a result, we have implemented a number of policies and procedures to ensure an environmentally "green" approach to repair, refurbishment and reclamation.

Reliance Communications meets and exceeds all standards set by OSHA. We have processes and procedures in place for our manufacturing and for the reclamation of plastic and electronic components. All of our employees are fully trained on our processes and procedures to insure compliance.